Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making your own Tallow / Milk & Honey Soap

This week I rendered 12 lbs of beef fat and got just about 6 lbs Tallow out of it!

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Tallow (as well as lard: pig fat) was used in soap making by the pioneers.

Although Tallow adds little conditioning to the skin it is definitely very mild.

Reading the ingredients on commercial detergent bars you will find it has 'sodium tallowate'

In it Which is the scientific name for saponified tallow.
Tallow makes small creamy bubbles, But when you add other oils to it the lather is incredible!
In the end you will have a very hard, long lasting bar of soap thanks to Tallow.

I made  
'Milk & Honey' Soap 
with Tallow in my recipe,

Tallow at: 23.53%
I added vitamin packed Olive Oil at a 50.98% amount.
Also added was:
 Cocoa Butter that has wonderful soothing & emollient qualities: 3.92%
Almond Oil has skin conditioning properties as well as vitamins & minerals: 5.88%
Castor Oil acts as a humecent by attracting and retaining moisture to the skin: 1.96%
Coconut Oil helps with lather and hardness of your bar of soap: 13.73%

*(you don't want to use much more than 20% of coconut oil in your recipe because it can tend to cause your skin to dry out)

19 oz Goats Milk
6.87 oz of sodium hydroxide
Fragrance oil I used (you can choose your own favourite) Oatmilk & Honey/Vanilla

I did not want this soap to gel so I put it in the refrigerator for few hours.

Cut soap the next day. (it was a little soft and could have waited another day or two, but I am like a little kid ......I have to see it now! LOL)
Now look at those bubbles!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh I love milk soaps. They are always so nice and creamy. Great are your soaps.
    You also have a nice weekend.

    1. Yes, milk soaps are the best! Thanks for stopping!

  2. Your soap bars look fantastic and ohhhhh I just love how it lathers!!!