Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Homemade Toothpaste

Do you ever wish you teeth were just a 
bit whiter than they are?

You don't need any of those $very$ expensive whiteners.
All you need are some handy household items we all have in our cupboards.

One item is Baking soda.
Baking Soda alone can do the job. And in fact Baking Soda will not only whiten
your teeth it will also clean them as well.
From the 18th century, to the modern day toothpaste, baking soda was used as a cleaning agent!
When dissolved in water baking soda whitens and cleans by scraping off the yellow and brown stains that form with age and wear.

1 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
Add water enough water to make a paste and brush your teeth like you would normally. Rinse your mouth out with water.

You will feel a tingling sensation while you are brushing, but this is normal.
Brushing with baking soda should not be done more than once a week because it can be quite abrasive and damage your tooth enamel if used too often.

Another item in your cupboard that can whiten your 
teeth is peroxide.
After brushing your teeth
 pour about 1/8 of a cup of peroxide into a container.
Swish some in your mouth for about one minute.
Continue until you have used all the peroxide in the cup.
You will feel bubbling fizzy feeling from the peroxide, this is normal.
After you are done
rinse your mouth out with water until you do not experience the bubbly fizzy feeling anymore.
It will take about 2 weeks to notice the your teeth getting whiter.

I am not a lover of the flavor of baking soda so I did some experimenting and
and came up with this recipe that I use at least once week.

*1/2 cup baking power
*2 tsp sea salt (fine)
Salt can also be used as a whitener, a cleanser, and kills bacteria in your mouth.

*1 Tbsp Orange peel power 
Orange Peel Powder is can be slightly abrasive like sea salt.
I bought Orange Peel Powder at Organic Creations.

*2 Tbsp Splenda (Your own choice to use or not)
(in my research Splenda was found to NOT promote tooth decay)
(Splenda took the edge off of the baking soda taste for me)

I mixed all of the ingredients and put it in a small container.
I add a few drops of Peroxide in a bathroom cup and mix in the above
power until it makes a paste. 
This will make just enough for
one brushing. 
When you are done
rinse out your mouth with water.

I also brush as normal with FDA approved toothpaste.

In a couple of weeks my teeth were definitely whiter, and
a friend complimented on the fact! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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