Friday, October 26, 2012

Vegan Soap

This is a vegan soap.

I took a recipe I had with lard in it and switch it out for soybean oil.

I call this soap Sun Rise because I wanted to make this soap to resemble a sun rise. 

  I chose three colors to use: Tangerine Wow, Fizzy Lemonade, and Titanium Dioxide (all from These were the only colors I had on hand, so I gave it a go.

Out of the mold just before the cut

I did a light hanger swirl, left the sun alone, and topped it off with white clouds.
It is something to see that every bar of soap comes out different.


I also have been using rain water in most of my recipes. I really can feel the difference in the soaps! 

Soaping with Lard

Lard, like Tallow, is a rendered animal fat. Where as Tallow's from beef,   Lard is from pigs. Although it sounds gross, God gave us these, and other fats & oils, for us to benefit from. Each one has their own individual qualities, and Lard is no different.

Lard, when used in soap making, has very good moisturizing abilities for our skin. It is also a good cleanser, and it lathers well, producing large, creamy bubbles. The finished bar is very white, and is a good soap to add color, or leave it natural.

While it would make a soft soap by itself it is cost effective as a base oil when combined with other oils. Y
ou will need to add fragrance to a lard based soap.

Here are three bars of soap I made with Lard as the bulk of the recipe. 
Along with the Lard I added: cocoa butter, coconut oil, Shea butter, and Sunflower oil, and a fragrance oil.

Fresh Water Linen
Fresh Water Linen Cut

Sample of bubbles....

Winter Woodland or Tiramisu or Tuscan Rain?
Haven't decided on the right name for this soap. Any suggestions?
The scent in it is 'Feliz Navidad' fragrance oil from, but the formula has been changed and it smells a bit different from the original scent. It is still a nice luscious smell, but it just doesn't match what I wanted.
Bubbles galore!

Autumn Comfort
Forgot to take a picture of it in the mold. 
And more bubbles!
Everyone of these soaps have the same base oils with Lard. By using different natural colorants and  fragrance oils you can make them into any beautiful bar that you want!

Have a great weekend!