Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beer Soap

Making Beer Soap 

I've been wanting to make beer soap for awhile now.
I was a bit hesitant because I didn't want to 
go to all the work of boiling the beer, then freezing
it before I could use it. 
Well, thanks to Cathy on 'Soaping 101' I found
out I can skip one step with another for less hassle
and then freeze the beer.
So...what is that step?
Eliminating the boiling! Just pour it in a container, and let 
the beer go flat on it's own! 
If you boil the beer you not only will flatten it,
but you'll also take out a lot of the good stuff for your skin out of it! 
And you will never be able to boil all the alcohol out of it anyway.

I call this bar: Vanilla Sudz

the beer I used
Before I go any further I have a disclaimer here:
I am a born again Christian and I do not
drink Alcohol of any kind. But as you can see
I do use it in my soaps! >smiles<

For the oils I used:
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Grapeseed Oil
and Sunflower Oil

along with the beer I used Coconut oil,
and Almond oil.
I froze all the liquid before I added the
Sodium Hydroxide.

I also added some Kaolin Clay for 'slip'.

The fragrance oil I used was a combo of
French Vanilla & Sandalwood.

Titanium Dioxide was added to color some of the soap
for contrast. 

Here is my video.

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Life is good!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Eosinophilic (ee-oh-sin-oh-fill-ick) Disorder or Food allergies

Do you have a child with 'Eosinophilic Disorder or food allergies'?

Are you having problems with ideas on what to
feed your little pumpkin with this disorder or food allergies?

Do you feel alone without a support group
with how to deal with the struggles of feeding your child?

Do you feel that this disorder is a death
sentence? That there is no 
light at the end of the tunnel?

Well, there are other people out there with
children with this disorder that also
struggle. BUT they know it is NOT 
a death sentence for these children,
and there IS A LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!

One such mother has started a blog:

Her child has recently been diagnosed with
'Eosinophilic Disorder and food allergies'. 

Not to be discouraged she has risen up to the 
challenge to make changes in her and her 
families diet so her son will be able to thrive.

She has put together some recipes that
work for her and little Zachy. Her hopes are that
she can help someone else by sharing 
her recipes.

If you have a child, or know of anyone with a child, with
Eosinophilic Disorder or food allergies
I encourage you to tell your friend, or click on the 'The Happy Zachy blog'
link above and take a look at her recipes.

She is a new blogger, but she has been 
adding recipes often.

Little Zachy!

Have a good weekend!
Live is good!

*All of Zachy's food is not only Allergy friendly, but Gluten Free!