Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Update on: Making your own Tallow / Milk & Honey Soap

This is an update on the 'Milk & Honey' soap.

I am finding out one thing about goats milk.
You never know, in the end, what color your soap will be.

The last batch of Milk & Honey soap I made I did a cold process/hot process method.
It was my first time doing this method and did not understand the process totally, 
I figured it would not hurt to try. 
The color came out totally different from what I thought it was going to be! 
It made a pretty, two toned shades of cream soap (I added Titanium Dioxide to lighten on half up) 
in the oven and it came out a deep chocolate color on one side
and a lighter chocolate on the other side and ya....WOW.... I thought I blew!  

This time making Milk & Honey soap I decided to prevent gel totally and
put the mold in my refrigerator for a few hours. It stayed a beautiful color!
I was very excited about the shade this soap was going to be this time.
I cut the soap the next day and put it aside to cure.
Four days later I went to check on the soap and this is what i found....
two toned chocolate soap! Wow....again! I knew I didn't blow it this time!

Along with the scent I put in this soap, the sugar in the goats milk won out and turned the soap a totally different color!
I know now that the fragrance oil alone that was the culprit! 

The bar cures very hard, and although this soap has no chocolate in it there is just a hint of that scent!

 In this picture, on the right, is the bar that I first time I made when I thought I blew it.
And the bar I made a few days ago - is the one on the left!
In the end, I am very happy with the way this bar of soap turned out!

Happy Wednesday to you!

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