Thursday, May 9, 2013

Growing Basil

Awhile ago I blogged about Growing Basil, in my hydroponic system, for eating and soaping. Basil plants last about 5 months in this system before you have to start new plants.  They just get too leggy with very few leaves. 
I bought my system from: 
I have been using this water garden for about three years now. 

Eight weeks ago I started a whole new set of seeds. The Aero Garden I have has 7 pods to grow in. 
It does not take long for the seeds to sprout.
This is after 3 days of being planted.
After another couple of weeks the plants grew to this height.

I have since trimmed some basil off a number of times and the plant needs another pruning.

Spring is here in Arizona, so I will be planting some Basil in my raised bed.
I love the scent and taste of fresh Basil. There is nothing like it fresh
from the plant to your plate!


Happy Thursday!

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