Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Well, it has been awhile since I  did a post. 

The last one was a quickie on Amy Wardens soap challenge that I entered. I have to admit that I enjoyed the experience! I learned something
new, and I can't wait to try the Holly Swirl technique again!

I had a lot of kinds words, and encouragement from some of the girls, including Amy, on my results. I thank them all!

I did not post the first Holly Swirl technique I did. So here is the results
to that one.

 I had a gal knit me a bag to put this one in. You can
use the bag in the shower to exfoliate your skin while
you are getting clean!

This soap is a Bastile Soap. 
About 2/3rds of the oils in this bar is Olive Oil.
I added some Coconut Oil,
Castor Oil,
Cocoa Butter,
and some Avocado Butter!

I scented it with 
Bramble Berry's Lavender/Chamomile fragrance oil.

I call it 'Huggable'. 

Life is good! Thanks for stopping by!

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