Thursday, September 12, 2013

Butterfly Soap and Gear Ties

Thanks to a gal in Soaping 101 Study Hall, who turned us on to this neat 'guy' tool, I was able to pick this Gear Tie up at Home Depot for $4.97! It came with two in a package. There are blue ones, and orange ones.

If you are not a soaper you may wonder 'what in the world'? 
And if you are a soaper you will be 'Oh man! I want one!'

They are a bendable, reusable rubber twist tie that you
can use to do a 'Hanger Swirl' or the 'Mantra Swirl' in your soap.
No more old wire coat hangers to bend, twist, and cut! 
These little babies are totally adjustable to the size
mold you are using, and if not then they have longer
ones that may fit your need.
The ones I bought are 24 inches long.

This is the soap that I made on Tuesday.
It is a Bastile Soap
rich in Olive Oil,
Coconut Oil,
and Castor Oil.

I use Arizona rain water in all my soaps but my milk soaps.
I feel the bars come out smother and creamier. I also
added some Pure Silk.

For the coloring I used Titanium dioxide, Charcoal, Fizzy Lemonade,
and Ultramarine Violet Pigment. 

The scent is a mixture of:
Lavender Essential Oil
Orange Peel
Rise & Shine

The soap was a bit too soft to cut until today.

Curing time is 4 weeks. This soap should be ready by
October 8th!

 Thanks for stopping by!

Live is good,

I was showing a friend this soap and she put two bars of soap together and saw something that 
I did not!
What do you see?
I may try to duplicate this, but as many of you know
that to hanger swirl the same way twice is
never produces the exact pattern
But.....I will try! LOL


  1. Beautiful soap, love the Butterfly!! Fantastic job. :)

  2. Gorgeous soap, and thanks for the tip. Did you use a straight edge to get that clean line for the top wing, or was that a result of the way you used the hangar?

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