Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Amy Warden's August Soap Challenge

I participated in Amy Warden's August soap challenge. This is my first time entering one of her challenges. 

The Challenge was to make a Holly Swirl Technique. 

For oils I used:

Castor Oil
Cocoa butter
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
and Sunflower Oil

Fragrance was:

Energy from Bramble Berry

Color was:

Titanium dioxide
Ultramarine Blue
Chrome Green
and Cappucino Mica,
all from Bramble Berry

I was trying to copy the colors in this teapot:
This soap was actually my second try.
I did not have gold coloring so I used the Cappucino Mica. I will try the gold next time.
I choose Energy for the scent simply because I just bought it and wanted to try it out. I love the scent a lot!
I am excited about the technique but was not over excited about my own results......and that being because of my lack of knowledge on how to prepare the coloring medium before I put it in the batch  
of soap. I added too much titanium dioxide which left it a bit speckled.

I actually made this soap BEFORE I found and watched Amy's video on how to mix and at what percentage of mica's, pigments etc to use in a recipe! 

I would recommend anyone who is not totally knowledgeable on how to mix and add coloring to your soap to watch Amy's video first. Very, very informative. It helped me a lot.....for future soap-making!

I will definitely try this again.

Thank you Amy for the challenge, and thank you Holly for sharing your technique!


PS. I named this soap 'Timeless'


  1. Well, I'd say you did an excellent job of copying the teapot colors! It's a gorgeous swirl!

  2. Lovely soap! Love the blues!

  3. Beautiful colours....beautiful soap :)

  4. The colours go very well together. Lovely swirl.

  5. That's a beautiful blue, and a lovely swirl!

  6. You really nailed the flow blue of the tea pot! Great job!

  7. Very nice swirls, great blue coloring to match with the teapot. What fun inspiration using that teapot!

  8. The blue swirls are fabulous!

  9. Beautiful soap. I love the inspiration, too.