Thursday, October 31, 2013

Home for Christmas Soap!

It has been awhile since I have made a loaf of soap. I was so happy to be able to get this one made this week! 

I made a Bastile soap that is my own recipe.

I used Olive Oil in more than half the recipe. 

Coconut Oil,

 Cocoa Butter,

 Grape seed Oil,

 and Sunflower Oil.

For the liquid I used Arizona Rain water! 

We don't get a whole lot of rain in the area, but when we do......I freeze all I can in ice trays! I LOVE to use rain water to make soap. It makes a big difference in my final bars!

I  like to soap at low temps, and using frozen water (or milk) helps me keep my lye water at room temperature. I'm not patient enough to wait for lye water to cool down to the temperature! LoL 

Also when you make a Bastile soap, or even a pure Olive Oil soap, the soap tends to be a bit soft or tacky when taking it out of the mold. Instead of waiting days for it to firm up I do a water discount. Usually about 1.50 ounces worth. Comes out great!


I used Crafter's Choice 
White Christmas fragrance oil.
Nice pine and fir tree notes!

I call this soap:

Home for Christmas!

It sure reminds you of the fresh cut Christmas tree!
Great soap to use for an early morning shower to wake you right up
and feel refreshed, ready to start the day!

Life is Good!