Monday, July 2, 2012

Soap Making Oils

I have often wanted to talk about the different oils or butters I use in my soaps and lotions and why. And now that I am making lotion bars I think it is a good time to start.

So today I will talk about Coconut oil: it has some great qualities. I use coconut oil in most of my soap recipes and try to stick to using only about 20% coconut oil in my whole recipe.

Although it has great moisturizing qualities it can have the opposite effect and can be drying on your skin if you use too much coconut oil. And who wants that? I want my skin to feel soft an healthy. I have very sensitive skin, so what I put in my soaps has to get by my face before I will make it again!

Coconut Oil also helps the soap to lather nicely.

Here are some attributes of coconut oil:

Bubbly lather
Adds Hardness to a bar
White bar
Moisturizing in small amounts
Promotes elasticity

A little side note: in my lotions bars I actually add 34% coconut oil, but the percentage of it is still ok and does not have a drying effect! Yeah!

Have a great day!

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