Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Avocado Butter

                        HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO ALL!

I recently purchased some Avocado  Butter. You don't have to use much of this fabulous butter! I decided to try it in a batch of lotion first. It came out wonderful!

Avocado Butter is hydrogenated avocado fruit oil. Is is very soft and creamy, great penetration properties,  melts easily and it very suitable for skin care products.  
Avocado Butter has natural sunscreen properties along with vitamin A, B, G, and E.  This makes it a fantastic moisturiser for dry and damaged skin.

Some of the claims of Avocado Butter are:

Heals stretch marks and scaring
Moisturises and heals dry skin
Reduces signs of ageing

As we get older, who would not want a little help along the way to improving our skin?!
I put about 5% Avocado Butter in my recipe.  I've read that you can put in up to 20% in a recipe.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth!


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