Monday, June 3, 2013

Soaping 101 {extra credit challenge #3}

Catherine at Soaping 101
has an 'extra credit challenge 3' 
going on right now.
She showed how to make
a great soap technique by Vinvela Ebony called
                              dandelion Zebra soap technique. I thought I would give it a try.

I did not record the making of it, but here is the results.

I did mess up a bit by sticking the skewer too far into the soap,
but I still love the way it came out!
I use Verbena Fragrance oil.
My daughter and I actually worked on this one 
together and had great fun!
I am definitely going to try it again.
Great technique! 
Thank you Catherine from Soaping 101 and
Vinvela Ebony for sharing!


  1. Oh wow. Love the look of this soap. I will have to look at how you did it. Just gorgeous Val.

  2. Thanks Anna, Hilary actually did this....with my help! She is loving making soap!