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Quinoa (pronounce: Keen-Wa) is a wonderful grain chalk full of protein, has more calcium than milk, and is a great source of iron, phosphorus, B vitamins and E!

Quinoa satisfies you more and provides lots of energy than white rice and white pasta. The reason being it digest slower.

After a big meal of white bread, rice, and pasta you can 
have a warm happy satisfied feeling. The reason is your metabolism is running high.

After awhile you start to feel that sleepy don't want to move feeling. 
This is the result of eating simply carbohydrates. They turn into sugar, get your motor going, and then you run out of steam.


  Unlike simple carbohydrates which break down easily into sugars, complex carbohydrate burns and digest slower, and helps control and stabilize blood-sugar levels. 

Some complex carbohydrates are high in fiber and protein:
Kidney beans, Lentils, Navy beans, Pinto bean, Split Peas, and....Quinoa.

I have been trying to eat Quinoa, again, the last few weeks. I have been searching
for recipes that include Quinoa and have found a number of them. 

One recipe I found is: 
popped quinoa and cheesy eggs

serves one

1/2 cup cooked Quinoa
2 ounces cheese, sliced thin
2 eggs
sea salt

Spray skillet and heat to medium high. Add quinoa and cook for several minutes, until it begins to crisp and pop. Make two wells in the Quinoa, crack eggs into wells. Top with cheese slices and continue to cook a few minutes. Cover with lid for an additional minute or so, to cook the egg and melt the cheese. Salt to taste.

Tip: Rinse Quinoa in hot water, or soak for 20 minutes, then rinse to get rid of the bitter taste.

I found this recipe at: by Kristina  

The brand of Quiona I buy is:
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  1. What a great post on quinoa Val! I just had my first taste of it, cold, in a salad made by Giselle. It had fresh tomatoes, black beans, onion and something else, can't remember what, with an oil/vinegar type dressing. It was fabulous. Even the kids gobbled it up. So it is good to read your post and understand why it is good for you to boot!

    Where'd you buy yours? Is it commonly found in grocery stores? Or health food stores?

    1. Hey Anna,I bought Quinoa at a health food store, but I have seen this brand at Walmart too!