Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creamy Carrot Soap

I have been wanting to make a carrot soap for sometime now.
I was wanting to use organically grown carrots. Knowing
an acquaintance of mine was growing her own carrots, I asked
  if she wouldn't mind sparing a few. 
Many thanks to her generosity!

I was so excited to get these babies in a puree!

I peeled them, 
(each carrot was as long as one of my fingers)

cut them into small slices, and added them to a small pot with some water, and let them cook away.

I ran them through our Ninja and pressed then through a fine mesh strainer.
And here is the puree!
You may be saying: wow....that is not much for all that work!
well, you are right! 
But....all I wanted to put in my soap
recipe was about 2-3 oz. This is 3.1 ounces of fresh
organic carrots!

I also put in some Greek Yogurt.

It made my soap a perfect color.

I took out about 12 oz of the soap batter and
added some Titanium Dioxide to it to lighten
it up a bit. 
I was going for a two toned creamed orange look.

All was going well.

I poured the bulk of the soap batter in the bottom half of my soap mold.

I then placed in melt & pour curls.
(I made the melt & pour from scratch)

I was pouring in the 12 ounces of the lighter batter
on top 
when I remember I forgot one important thing:

THE FRAGRANCE OIL! Yikes! many of you have done that? sheesh-louise!
Where was my head?! LoL

I didn't think I had much choice here, so I slowly poured in
the fragrance oil (with the soap IN the mold) and gently stirred it all in. much for it turning out the way you wanted
it to!
The curls were now moved, and I was not sure how that was going to look.
The two color was now just color.

I have to admit, I was not totally unhappy with this soap!

You never know what might or might not happen, and
You never know what you will or will not get when you are soaping. is all good!



  1. I think it is lovely! It is a very happy looking soap. I know how you feel though when its not what you started out to make, but this one ended up just stunning wouldn't you say? What is the scent of this happy little soap?

  2. Yes, in spite of my bloops I was pretty pleased with the results! It's all good! I had a sample bottle of one of your favorites: Sweet Mayer really complimented this soap!