Monday, September 17, 2012

Rainy Day Melon Soap

I used an old antique sewing machine drawer for a soap mold over the weekend. 
The soap recipe I used was for a 3lb batch.

It can easily hold a 4lb batch in this homemade mold with no problem. 

Out of the mold just before I cut it.
I added natural coloring from Parsley, that I hot processed into some oil I used, in this batch of soap.
I divided the recipe into two containers and colored one container with titanium dioxide to make it white, and I left the other container the natural color of what I had hoped to be a light green. 
I was not sure how the natural coloring of the parsley would hold up in cold process soap, but....
I was very pleased with the results! 
The bottom layer of the soap is a light green!
I call this soap 'Rainy Day Melon'. 
I used rain water that I collected from my own back yard. 



  1. Wow what a cool looking bar of soap! I like the idea of using molds from things around us, love the look you got from the sewing machine drawyer. Does this soap have a melon fragrance too?

    1. Hey Anna,
      The fragrance is actually Cucumber Melon. Haven't used it in a long time in soaps, but I wanted something to go with the green from the parsley that I hot processed into one of the oils I used in this recipe. I wasn't even sure the color from the parsley would hold, but it did! I was excited about that.I still have some parsley in my garden, so I may dry the rest and try for a deeper color!

  2. Thank you so much for the sewing drawer idea! I have an antique sewing machine and cabinet. What a perfect idea for a mold! I'm so excited to try it!