Saturday, September 15, 2012

Homemade Soap Mold

My husband and I like to hit second hand and antique stores when we travel out of town. As the old adage goes: what is one man's junk is another man's treasure. That is the way it is with us.

We always find something that we didn't want to pay top dollar for (and then some!). On one of our little mini get-a-ways we found an antique store tucked away in one of the back streets near Pinetop, Az, and there I found one of those 'and then somes'!
This is an old drawer from an antique sewing machine cabinet! My vision was to put it on our dining room harvester table with napkins, salt & pepper, and maybe flowers in a vase in it. I did end up doing that, but recently I had a new vision for it. 

A soap mold! Yup, a soap mold! 
I had to cut a thick piece of plastic to cover the screws inside, kind of like a 'false wall', because they protruded into the box too much. Then I lined it with freezer paper.
I made my first batch of soap in it today!
Because it has to sit over night I won't be cutting it till late tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. 

The fragrance I put in this soap is Cucumber-Melon. 

I like my soaps to be (for the most part) earthy colors. So I steeped some dried parsley in one of the oils I used in this recipe to get a nice color of green.

At a medium trace I separated the batter into two separate containers. 

In one container I added titanium dioxide, because I wanted one layer of the soap to be lighter than the other. 

I left the other container with no other added coloring but the green that I steeped into the oil.

  I will not know how the color green will hold up in this cold process method, but I will find out when cut it. I am hoping for a two toned finished soap. I will post the results!

Have a good weekend!  


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