Monday, May 19, 2014

Support your local companies!


Have you ever started to make soap, lotion, or creams just to discover you are just about out of the ingredients that you will need? 

I think we all have at one point or another. Very frustrating, especially when you have an order to fill, or the inspiration bug has hit you.

I must confess that most items I'm wanting I go look online  first. Local stores usually do not have  the items that I need. I usually buy in bulk which can save me a bit of moolah, so I stock up from a few places I like because of their great prices.

So today.....I discover I needed more beeswax. I have just enough for one or two batches of 'Lotion Bars', but not much more. I need to make at least three, maybe four, different scented batches so I had to just breath and think. 

You always hear: shop locally when and if you can. Ok. 

Then I thought about our wonderful local Honey Man. I have purchased beeswax from him before, but not in bulk like I like to. I was ready to settle for buying small amounts until I could find another reasonable venue on line. I say that because two years ago  5 lbs of beeswax sold for $27.50 at one of my  favorite online stores, and now it sells it for.............$51.25! I think I almost fainted!  So.... back to our local supply. Even if it meant going back numerous times because of buying in small quantities I was willing to do it.

Well....I feel like I was given a present  when I found out our local 'The Honey Man' sells beeswax in 5lb blocks! It won't be like the little pellets I'm used to getting; you just throw those in the pan and melt them, but at this point I am totally ecstatic about my block of beeswax! I can do the shave thing or I can  cut off small portions; the main thing is now I have beeswax for awhile and I'm shopping local!

                                                              Happy Monday! 

                                                               Life is good!

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