Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cupcake Soaps

These cupcake soaps were a lot of fun to make.

For oils I used:
Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, and Sunflower Oil.

For color I added natural  Titanium Dioxide (for whitening), and  'Ultramarine Violet' pigment from Brambleberry.com.

The fragrance I choose,  Tropical Vacation, was also from Bramble Berry

I made my own melt & pour base soap thanks to Bonnie at Good Earth Spa (EdentialFarms, on YouTube) and her recipe on EssentialDepot  web page, and made small purple flowers to go on top of some of the cupcakes.

I also bought some little plastic star confetti at Walmart in the holiday ornament section. The sugar sprinkles, and little white ball sprinkles came from Walmart also. I added a touch of pretty glitter over all.

I heated the oils in the microwave enough  to melt all the oils and left them to cool.

I used half & half, goats milk, and rain water as the liquids to put the lye into.
I froze the half & half,  milk, and the rain water ahead of time so the lye would not scorch the milks.

When all the lye was dissolved  in the milks & water I took the temp. It was about 70 degrees. The oils were about 89 degrees. I wanted the temps a bit higher than this, but decided to work with it.

I brought the batter to  medium trace, and then separated it into two buckets. One bucket for the Titanium Dioxide to keep the batter white, and one to have a purple color for the bottom of the cupcake, and some of both for piping.

The fragrance oil was supposed to  speed up trace, so I added some to the purple batter, for the bottoms of the cupcake first. I was very much surprised to discover that thick trace never happened!

While the bottoms were setting up in the silicone liners I added he rest of the fragrance to the second bucket with the Titanium Dioxide. I used the stick blender to bring it up thick enough to pipe. When it did not thicken I just left it for awhile and kept checking it for the right thickness.  Almost two hours later, and still at medium trace, I decided to pipe anyway. I had my day care kids coming and I couldn't wait for thick enough trace!

I had to work the piping pretty fast because the batter was still a bit too soft.  The idea of freezing the milks is so the lye would not heat up too fast and scorch the milk, but the rain water did not need to be frozen. That would have helped the lye get a bit warmer so thick trace would have happened a lot faster.

I had some batter left over so I made 6 little guest size star bars. They are really nice.

Tea anyone?

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  1. Beautiful cupcake soaps!! I love them!
    Thanks for sharing the link of how to make M&P Soap.
    That's very interesting!

  2. Thx for stopping by Ayu! I want to try the DIY eyelash serum soon, so I will let you know how it works!